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#THRIVE - Giving Tuesday 2020

Together, We Will #THRIVE! Help us reach our goals by Donating Today!

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Our Giving Tuesday Goals!

Goal Way to contribute
$5,000 to fuel the expansion of our youth programming in 2021 Donate Today!
100 new Social Media followers Follow us on Facebook and Instagram
10 new monthly donors Become a monthly donor





We are excited to launch our Giving Tuesday campaign today to further the dreams of young people in our city.

Learn more about our #THRIVE campaign by listening to the video our youth put together with the support of a talented artist, Cedric Dale Hoard, that captures the spirit of the initiative. Our hope is you will come alongside us to amplify their message with your networks and help flip the script of what is possible.

#THRIVE Campaign Goals
We are thrilled to elevate the voices of youth in our Youth Employment Program as we close 2020 to tell their stories of possibility. Join us as we collaborate to make their dreams come true by fueling our path to meeting these goals as part of our Giving Tuesday and End of Year campaign titled #THRIVE in honor of the next generation.

Our shared goals are that by December 1st, 2020, we will:

  • Commit 10 new monthly donors to partner with City on a Hill to sustain our work.
  • We will increase our social media followers on Facebook and Instagram by 100 new followers
  • We will raise at least $5,000 to fuel the expansion of our youth programming in 2021

We are making a difference thanks to friends and supporters like you. Help us get this initiative started today by following our social media accounts and making your financial contribution.

What We Believe
We believe the zip code you were born in should not define the opportunities you have in life.
What Research & Trends Show
The Milwaukee youth we serve struggle with generational poverty and racial disparities, which lead to a host of other concerns. Most City on a Hill youth experience high levels of behavioral risk, as they witness drug dealing, gang activity, and violence in their neighborhoods. These factors increase young people's likelihood of becoming victims of crime or participants in it and send flawed messages to youth about success in adulthood.

  • 43.3% of children in Milwaukee live in poverty.
  • 18,709 young people aged 16-24 in Milwaukee County are out of school and not working.
  • Over a lifetime, $3.2 Billion of tax expenses could be saved by ensuring these 18,709 young people in Milwaukee to reach their full potential in adulthood.

Therefore, at City on a Hill we seek to continue to serve an estimated 1250 children and youth each year, through various programs, and double that in years ahead to disrupt the predictability of success based on social and demographic indicators. One of the ways we do that is through our Youth Employment Program to lay a foundation for social mobility of families.
Our Declaration of Possibility
You can help fuel the growth of our Youth Employment Program so that no central Milwaukee youth has to feel stuck in the predictable poverty cycle.
Call to Action
Will you help flip the script on what is possible for youth today?

2020 Youth Employee Participants